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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cheap & Easy Speech Therapy Tool

What in the world are these small circular devices and how do you use them?

They are called 'Talk Point' and they are made by Learning Resources (check out their website). Each device records 10 seconds of voice and can be played back instantly when you push the top of the device.

What do I use them for? I use them with nonverbal children to encourage them to communicate, first with the help of technology, and eventually on their own.

For example, if I want a child to say "more," I will record my voice saying "more" on the device. The child will then have to push the button to hear the word and then get the toy. I also use multiple at once, such as "go" and "car." The child must push "go" and then "car" before I will push the car to them.

After successfully manipulating the buttons and hearing the words many times, the child begins making the correct sounds and eventually the whole word.

This method is great with children who have developmental delays in speech or special needs in general. While these specific devices record only 10 seconds, more expensive and professional augmentative communication devices can record multiple words for a much longer amount of time. I bought each of these for just $7 at Just the Thing in downtown Salisbury.

These are awesome to use with your child if you want to encourage them to communicate specific words. When they outgrow them, you can use them for reminders. I love them because they are cheap and very easy to use.  

Check out the website at They have great products for children with special needs.

Katie Zink, ITFS/P

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