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Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Power of Play[Doh]

I absolutely LOVE using Play-Doh with the children because there are so many great ideas and opportunities that can be utilized, plus, the kids love it too!


Everyone knows about the fancy-store bought 'PlayDoh' brand toys, such as the burger maker and ice cream maker, but there are more educational (and cheaper) options that work even better!

Burger Builder

Young children can benefit from the use of Play Doh in many ways. It is great for fine motor development because it both builds strength in the hands/arms and allows the child to move their fingers in a way that they typically do not.

Squeezing and manipulating Play Doh itself can be soothing, somewhat like a stress ball for adults, and you can do just about anything with it: mold it, squish it, roll it, poke it, cut it, (pretend) eat it.

Clean up the Spaghetti

You can roll it into balls, make "snakes" and cut it into small pieces, make molds out of it, and so much more. The container itself provides the child with lots of verbal prompts, such as "open," "help please," "more," and the color of the Play Doh.

"Red Open"
Thanks to The Imagination Tree (awesome resource), I found a "Play Doh Tool Kit" that adds to the possibilities. Once you add items to the Play Doh, you can bury and find, feel the textures, and stick stuff in it. Natural items, such as leaves and nuts are great to add to the Play Doh.

Another fun thing to do is to create letters, either by drawing them or making a stamp, and stick items in the shape of the letter. Repetitively tracing letters with the finger is a great way for a child to develop early writing skills.

Handwriting Skills
Finally, Play Doh is a GREAT thing to incorporate into sensory integration play and with any child who has difficulties with sensory input, such as children with Autism.

Katie Zink, ITFS/P

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  1. I Still love to play with playdoh. Thanks for more ideas!!!