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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mr. Potato Head

When I look at a toy, I see all of the different possibilities that it can be used for. How many different ways can I teach using this one specific toy? How many different developmental skills can we work on using only this toy? In which domains can I fit this toy into: cognitive, language, social-emotional, physical, and self-help? I try to buy mostly toys in which I can think of at least one activity in each of the five domains.

While I have many favorite toys to use with the kids, (future blog topic) I LOVE Mr. Potato Head, as well as his wife and kids.

Mr., Mrs., and the kids

Mr. Potato Head is a character that encourages children to use their imagination in creating different people and it has so many different benefits to its play.

Colors can be identified. Body parts can be named. Fingers can be counted. Accessories can be added and taken away.

Mr. Police Head

I typically allow children to make a "silly face" in which they put the pieces in whatever order they want before we then place them accurately. If a child is having difficulty, we look at our faces in a mirror. We create a pattern, "eyes, nose, mouth" and transfer that to the Potato Head.

Silly Face

Children love the many different accessories. They have so much fun playing with their new friend Mr. Potato Head that they don't even realize they are learning in a developmentally appropriate way!

Female accessories

Nowadays, Mr. Potato Head is also available with female accessories as well as a miniature toy with smaller parts, similar to a baby Potato Head.

Mini-Potato Head

Katie Zink, ITFS/P

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  1. Fnatastic, I never thought about using Mr.Potato Head for learning and developement!