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Friday, February 3, 2012

Workday Check-Up

How Healthy is Your Average Workday?

The first step towards a healthier workday is to do your own “reality check” about your “average” workday. 

Ask yourself:

·        How much time do I spend being sedentary (sitting down or inactive) at work?
·        What kinds and quantities of food and beverages do I consume during work hours?
·        Do I feel healthy and well each day at work?
·        How much sedentary time do I spend getting to and from work? (e.g., driving time of 30 minutes each way on daily commutes)

    These informal questions are just one way to do your own workday check-up to see where healthy changes could be made.

    Sara, Elena, and Amanda have decided to take a walk during their lunch break at work every day. 

    They also get to spend time with their babies. 

    Michelle Macon, Program Coordinator

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