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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Affordable Healthcare Solutions

With many of our staff, families, and friends facing catastophic health issues, (some without health insurance) I have been researching options for quality health care.  I was amazed at how many websites, blogs, and governmental agencies have valuable information and advice for those facing significant illness and/or are financially strained.

An article I found in "Money Talks News" has laid out the groundwork to follow and find quality care in your own community.  I would have liked to copy the entire article but instead will list the high points and some of the links in hopes that those in need will heed the advice and find information that may benefit them and their families.

Instead of using your high priced local hospital emergencies rooms, take a look at some options listed below.
  • Federally qualified health centers.  These centers can be found in nearly every county in every state in the US.  They can provide checkups when you are well; treatment when you are sick; care when you are pregnant; immunizations, and many more services.  They price their services based on your ability to pay.  Visit this link for more information and locations:
  • Medicaid is another option for low income uninsured.  Follow this link:
  • For those with pre-existing conditions and no health insurance consider state-run high-risk insurance pools visit this link:
For free help finding help try the following links:
To read the entire article and access many other links with great information regarding affordable health care:

Colleen Carman
Finance/HR Director

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