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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Through the Eyes of a Runner

Today marked a remarkable accomplishment for Deborah and Michelle. We ran our first half marathon with 7,000 people at Myrtle Beach! How did we do it? We took one mile at a time!!

6 minutes til the start of the race!!
While many of you were sleeping @ 5:30 am!!!

At each mile, Deborah said we will tell ourselves, "We have one more mile to go, and this mile is for my momma etc."...then eventually we will cross the finish line. 

Michelle @ mile 11, only 2 more miles to go!

David Freeze, Partners In Learning Wellness Coordinator's words of wisdom was to: Get good sleep, run your own race, hydrate your body, take energy gummies at mile 5 and mile 10, and drink water at every water station. 

Our family met us at the Finish!!
Deborah's Finish Time: 2:35
Michelle's Finish Time: 2:42

Along the race course were hundreds of people cheering us on: "Pain is temporary, Pride is forever," Pick'em up and Put'em down."

13.1-Been There Ran That,
Michelle Macon and Deborah Howell 

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