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Friday, February 24, 2012

The Importance of Family Meals

Family meals are much more than sharing food.

Sharing meals as a family:
  • Provides nourishment on emotional, intellectual, spiritual and nutritional levels.
  • Gives parents and children time to connect and talk everyday; TURN OFF THE TV!!
Mealtimes are a good time:
  • For parents to stay involved with children.
  • To monitor children's activities and friends.

Research shows:
  • Children who do not eat dinner with their families are 61% more likely to use alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs.
  • Teens who eat frequent family dinners are less likely than other teens to have sex at young ages, get into fights, be suspended from school, and are at lower risk for suicide.

Reference: Noodle Soup (2007)

Ilene Coleman, Livingstone Intern

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