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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


On October 29, Partners In Learning is hosting an event for ALL our young athletes.  Children from age’s two to seven are invited to participate in games and activities.   As you can see from the logo, Young Athletes is part of the Special Olympics, but the two events differ in several ways.  All Young Athlete activities are non-competitive, and unlike Special Olympics where all the athletes have a disability, Young Athletes is an inclusive event that encourages ALL children, those with and those without a disability, to participate together.  
We know that parents want their children to grow to be adults who are comfortable around all members of their communities.  To accomplish this, we need to give children opportunities to experience diversity.  Young Athletes is designed to provide just such an opportunity., so let’s bring our children together on Saturday, October 29th from one to three o’clock at the Catawba College Football Field.  An on-campus indoor facility will be available in case of rain.   The event is FREE, and all children who register before October 15th will also receive a free t-shirt and lunch.   Go to to register, or call Partners In Learning at 704-638-9020 for more information.
Katherine Generaux, Community Inclusion Director

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