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Friday, October 28, 2011

Home Visits

Home and school are a child’s two most important worlds. Young children must bridge these two worlds as they enter the world of preschool. Home visits are a positive way to connect with families and help the child transition into school and feel secure. Without that connection children may be apprehensive, fearful, anxious or timid. This could ultimately suffer the relationship with the child transitioning into to school and take much longer to establish. Many parents also worry that this is a "check up" of some kind... Don't worry, the teacher isn't coming to see if you have nice furniture, or check on your cleaning skills. The purpose of the home visit is to build a relationship with the family by getting to know them in a non threatening environment. Learning family background, home life, strengths and weakness aids teachers is building the curriculum around the children; instead of building the children around the curriculum. Because of this, the teacher may ask you to give input into some of your child's skills, abilities, and developmental patterns. The information provided from the family will help the teacher cater the program to your child. When teachers build partnerships with families they demonstrate that they truly value the family’s role in education.

Developing partnerships begins with the teacher’s willingness to visit the child where he/she is most secure – in his/her own home.

Michelle Macon, Program Coordinator

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