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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Children need to take risk!

My granddaughter has learned a new skill.
Anyone who has ever had a toddler understands the concern of a mother watching them climb and take lots of risk.  These risk are necessary in order for the child to learn.  According to Erik Erikson, child development theorist; children go through a set of stages.  Between 18 Months to 3 Years children learn to master skills for themselves.  

Here children have the opportunity to build self-esteem and autonomy as they gain more control over their bodies and acquire new skills, learning right from wrong. And one of their skills during the "Terrible Two's" is their ability to use the powerful word "NO!" It may be pain for parents, but it develops important skills of the will. 

It is also during this stage, however, that children can be very vulnerable. If they're shamed in the process of toilet training or in learning other important skills, they may feel great shame and doubt of their capabilities and suffer low self-esteem as a result.  The most significant relationships are with parents.

Norma Honeycutt, Executive Director

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