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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Shortly after my fiftieth birthday, I made the decision to return to school. It was an expensive, time-consuming and labor-intensive decision, but I have always had a great passion for the study of human development, especially those critical early years. Along the journey, I was blessed to hear the opinions of many people. Most comments were very encouraging, though there were a few people who consistently voiced negative remarks. These negative individuals always reminded me of squawking crows in a telephone wire. “Squawk,” “Why are you doing all this work?” “Squawk,” “Why would you want to put yourself through this at your age?”

It can be difficult to believe in yourself when there are those around you who don’t believe and don’t dream. The important thing to do, though, is to stay focused on your goals and not become distracted by the noise and negativism around you. As far as I know, we only get one shot at life. This is it, folks. We might as well go for it.

(Note: I started a Master’s program in Special Education this semester, and I’m celebrating my sixtieth birthday next week, so any of you squawking crows out there,-------- bring it on!)

Katherine Generaux, Community Inclusion Director

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