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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

IT RAINED ON OUR PARADE: How to help children cope with disappointment

We were all looking forward to the Hendersonville Apple Festival Parade a couple of weekends ago, but it rained, and it rained and it rained!

Here are some suggestions for helping your child cope with disappointment:
1) First, prepare your child in advance of the event or situation by letting him or her know that sometimes things happen that are outside of everybody’s control.

2) Be a good role model by showing your child how you cope with disappointment.

3) Acknowledge the child’s feelings of disappointment.

4) Use the experience to assist your child with learning how to self-regulate and manage their emotions. Your child will, unfortunately, have other disappointments to cope with in the future, and each experience can help your child become better prepared for future disappointments.

5) Remind your child how he or she was able to handle a disappointing situation in the past.

6) Don’t over react to your child’s disappointment.

7) Have a backup plan.

We ended up having a great day, despite the rain!
Katherine Generaux, Community Inclusion Director

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