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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Bella.  She's on the move!
I used to get so excited when each of my three children mastered a new milestone or achieved a new skill. As soon as one would learn to ride a tricycle, I’d think “I can’t wait until she can ride a bike.” Or when one would take up a musical instrument I’d ponder “I can’t wait until he can play a solo at a recital”. I just couldn’t wait for each of them to get to that next stage. I did, however, worry about the inevitable day when each of them would leave home to make their own lives, but a very wise friend told me, “Ohhh, don’t worry. By the time they’re ready to leave, you’ll be ready too!”

My attitude has completely changed, though, with my grandchildren. I want them to stay exactly the way they are now-----forever. Ceci started kindergarten last week, Peter started preschool this morning and Bella is about to take her first steps. I don’t want to give up these days when my little people walk alongside me, holding my hand or having my house decorated with handcrafted hearts taped to every door. I know they are going to be fine, accomplished and kind young adults someday, but I can wait. Really-----I can wait.

Katherine Generaux, Community Inclusion  Director

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