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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cha Ching!

Invest in your future with a few easy steps

A little goes a long way…A little adds up quickly…A little buys a lot!

Here are a few tips to stash some extra cash:

                            Start by setting up a simple budget and stick to it.  Make sure you give yourself a few dollars a week for your spending pleasure.

Set up an automatic draft to your savings account for a few dollars each payday…you’ll never miss it.


Empty your pockets or coin purse each day into a pretty jar.

Round up each debit card purchase to the next dollar and stash that extra cash.

 Safety Depoit Box Full of Coins Clipart - Vendor: iClipart

Set up savings container or jars for that special purchase.

Clean out your closets and clutter around the house and have a yard sale or sell on ebay, craigs list, or at your local consignment shop.  Stash that extra cash.

 3D Penny Bank Shaped Like a Pig with Coins - Vendor: iClipart

Skip the vending machines…drink water instead…stash the extra cash.

At the end of each month, count your stash….it could look like this

 Money Bag With Gold Coins - Vendor: Rosie Piter 0071

Colleen Carman, Finance/HR Director

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