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Monday, March 7, 2011

The Road Most Traveled

Denial- What does that word really mean and why do so many therapist and teachers have such a problem with it?  I think it's because they only see the needs of the children and believe that they know what is best for the child.  I must say that I have found myself with those feelings throughout the years.  However, I have a new understanding after working closely with families and actually walking the denial road when my child was little.  Teachers and therapist must understand that it is a road that most families must travel.  There are no short cuts, speed limits, or detours.  They must be allowed to go at their own pace.  Yes, it can be difficult to watch as an educator who wants the child to receive services, but it can't be forced.  The parent is there at the beginning of the road and will be there when the road comes to an end.  We are only a speed bump in the road.  I had to remind myself of that just last week and am sure that I will have to continue to remind myself of that, but the quicker we all get it and understand it the smoother the road will be.  The Exceptional Children's Assistance Center (ECAC)  is a wonderful resource that can help parents in the journey.

We cannot pretend to work for the best interests of children while ignoring the needs of their parents.  Joyce L. Frett

Traveling along with you, Norma

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