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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Where has the time gone?

As a single mom of four, whose ages range from 13 to 21, I was reflecting on just how fast time flies. One day your pregnant and marveling at the miracle inside. You smile at the list of firsts. First smile, first time you see them, first steps first words, first hug and first kiss. You are overwhelmed with joy the day your baby arrives. Then all of a sudden, wow irs been three months and you wonder where did the time go?

As time goes by, I began to wonder if there would be anymore firsts. Yes, there were,. First dsy of Kindergarten, first award, first friends. The time seems to fly by. Soon they graduate to middle school, first crush, first time with multiple teachers, sports or clubs, and the time flies by.

Now I'm wondering what first I still have. Well, the first to graduate, first to go to college, first jobs, etc. So my reflection is this. There will alwsys be a first with your children. The best way to enjoy them all is by saving as many as you can. Videos, pictures, small momentos. Keep a journal, in the spare time(little as it may be) of the things your feeling, things they say. You will be happy you did because someday, you will look back and wonder where did the time go?

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