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Monday, November 10, 2014

Keep it connected

This week the Dolphins are talking about our families. We will be talking about what makes up a family, how many people are in our family, and where our family live. This topic the children love to talk about because their families are their "whole world." We have a lot of activities planned for this weeks theme and I'm excited to hear about all of the children's families. 

In the dolphin classroom Ms. Kelly and I like to take lots of pictures to record the children's learning experiences. We want our students families at home to see what it is the children are learning from week to week. We also think it is important to have a record of the children doing hands on activities so they can look back and recall the experience. Doing this the children can decide if they wound have done the experience the same way or if they would have done it differently. Doing blogs and posting pictures on social media helps us as teacher, to stay connected to our classroom families. 

Ms. Kelly is using the iPad to tell a story of what makes up a family. 

Ms. Gen is reading during circle time about families and how we are all special and loved.

Each child shared with the group how many people are in their family and theirs names.

Ms. Kelly is helping the children count their family members.

The children loved singing about their mommy and her name. 

In centers, the children were giving the babies a bath. This lets the child take on the role of the caregiver.

In blocks, the children built their house and put their family members in it.

The art activity for today, the children built any house they wanted using a envelope and markers.

The dolphin classroom had lots of fun today and we hope you enjoy all the pictures of our learning experiences because we enjoy staying connected with you.

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