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Friday, November 1, 2013

IPads in the Classroom

IPads in the Classroom

I pads in classroom can be a wonderful thing. It is a great way to frame a 21st century learning classroom. You can almost find any type of app for any lesson you are doing. The children LOVE working on the I pad and learn so much from it! It helps with fine motor skills along cognitive learning.
ipad in class
In this picture my co teacher is showing the letter G on the ipad, signing the letter G along what showing them things that start with the letter G. This is helping children with all different learning styles.

ipad 2
Ipads also help special needs children with fine motor skills along with all types of finger moving and brain games.
They also help children feel proud and themselves when doing something right and helps them fix it if they are wrong.
pump 4
Here Mrs. Kelly is showing the children a story on pumpkins, while playing with pumpkin pie play doh.
team work 1
Ipad fun is great for learning skills like taking turns, sharing, teamwork and learning to wait.
To sum it all up, technology in the classroom increases motivation and self esteem, technical skills, more collabortion with peers and increases the use of outside resources.
Some other great websites to use in the classroom are as followed:
1) Word World
This is a fun website were “words come alive”. Children can build their own words and everything on the site is build with a word.
The site has a place for teachers to go for actives that they can do in the classroom like Uppercase-Lowercase Matching Game, Find the Ant and Looking for Pieces of Pie.
2) NeoK12
This website helps children see the real world via videos, lesson, games and puzzles.
Teachers can use this site to pull activity from and show the children the world in a different light.
3) Between The Lions
This is a great website for children to learn about reading, it has games, video clips, and stories.
Teachers can take the stories and or clips and do finger plays, and play out the stories with the class.
4) Coolmath-Games is great for learning shapes/colors, skills, strategy, memory and logic.
Teachers can pull games from this website and interact them in the classroom along with asking questions when the children are playing these games.
5) Hooda Math
This is a website that makes math fun with games and season ideas to use.
Teacher can brings these games to live with sitting up the games in the room.

Amanda Marshall

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