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Monday, October 28, 2013

Pumpkin Fun in the Classroom

This month we have been talking about fall and the things that come with fall. One of those things is pumpkins. You can do so much with pumpkins including counting, learning letters, learning smells and the way the guts feel inside the pumpkin. I feel children learn best when hands on and that’s just what we did with pumpkins. We used the ipad for a learning tool to learn about pumpkins and the thing we could do with them.
The children loved to dress up the pumpkins.

Making letters out of pumpkin pie playdoh.

 Mrs. Kelly is showing the children a story about pumpkins while the children are playing with playdoh.

Making pumpkin pie playdoh.

Counting seeds from the pumpkin.

below are websites that can expand on the leraning of letter, numbers, counting, reading and colors:

1)      Starfall

This website is for preschool, kindergarten and up. It uses common core and has items for the holidays. They also have a Starfall Pre-K and Kindergarten curriculum.

Teachers can take the songs from the website and sing it with the children in the classroom; the children can also match colors from the web to inside the classroom.

2)      Abcya

With this website children can do ABC and 123 Magnets witch then they can do in the classroom. The website aloud children to make words, music and read story.

Teachers can make alphabet bingo cards and matching games along with puzzles.

3)      Preschool Learning Games

Great website on tons of different things, there is a color mixing song, learning body parts, heath games and art games.

Children can learn the songs (like the color song) and bring it to the classroom and mix color while singing the song.

4)      Fisher Price

This website helps children learn their ABC’s, Shapes, Numbers, and more.

Teacher will be able to help children learn by playing games about learning, teacher can get ideas and make lessons from the games and have the children interact with the games.

5)      Sheppards software preschool

This website has a lot of color games along with animal games and numbers.

When playing the color game, teachers can tape a strip across the bottom with the color word in the boxes for the children to learn to read the color.


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