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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sensory, Sensory, Sensory!

I have blogged about Sensory activities before (maybe because I love them!), but I wanted to share with you my newest sensory toy!

After months of searching for the perfect one, I found a durable play tunnel at a consignment shop for ONLY $8!

I used the tunnel this week as part of our activity plan for my CBRS children and they loved it!

Some of the children were shy at first, but all of them eventually went through the tunnel.

For the children who were hesitant, I used favorite toys, such as balls or cars to slowly coax them into going further into the tunnel. We used many vocabulary terms, such as "in/out," "tunnel," "dark," and we identified the colors of the tunnel. Even children as young as 1 1/2 enjoyed the tunnel!

Other ideas for sensory activities include sensory boxes, which I have talked about before and will again soon!

Sensory bottles are great for visual identification of objects.

These types of toys are wonderful for children on the Autism spectrum because it often provides them with a sense of calm from being in a small space. A child that I see for CBRS who is on the Autism spectrum had a blast going in and out of the tunnel on his own. However, this child does not enjoy sensory boxes. Each child with sensitivities to "weird" stuff is different, not only children with Autism.

Katie Zink, Infant-Toddler Family Specialist

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