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Wednesday, June 5, 2013


PIL Pre-K graduates

Yesterday’s graduating pre-kindergarten children walked on stage to eagerly accept their diplomas.  The children had been previously surveyed about their interests, and as each student stood on the stage alone for a few moments, their teachers read the child’s comments.   I was pleased to learn their responses to the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”   Some girls reported ambitions toward becoming firefighters and police officers, while some boys stated their interest in becoming chefs.    The audience was amused when a number of children reported that they want to be grownups when they grow up.  (When you think about it, though, becoming a grownup is an achievement that many of us never quite accomplish and so it is, in fact, a worthwhile goal!)  It is good to know that some of the gender stereotypes we’ve held in the past have started to change.   By limiting options for individuals, we diminish the human potential of our society.   
This is Peter Gil, a pre-kindergarten graduate from Park View Elementary.  He plays football and is also a student at Steppin Out Dance Studio.
This is what Peter has been learning in his dance class this year:

• Self-confidence

• Following directions

• Creativity (A 21st century skill)

• Training his brain to instruct his body how and when to move, (a skill he will find useful in football).

• Social skills (He has learned to present himself in front of others in a mature and appropriate way,)

• Music, beat and rhythm, (math reinforcement)

• Self-expression

• A sense of accomplishment and personal growth

• Physical strength and balance

• Physical exercise

Gender stereotyping might have deprived Peter of the opportunity to gain these skills.



Katherine Generaux - Community Inclusion 

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