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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

m is for male preschool teachers

M- Male teacher

A-Amazing role model




T-Teachable moments  


A-Absolutely wonderful  


H-Hard worker

R-Respectful and reliable  
 Mr. Josh talking to a child at the table!
Mr. Andy playing dress up with the boys!!
Boys can play dress up to!!!
Mr. Rob reading a book to the boys!
                  Mr. Matt building with the children!
Mr. Josh patting a child to sleep!!
All these male teachers do a GREAT job in the classrooms. They are all amazing role models to the children and teach in their own unique way. All children need male role models in their life's and here a PIL we have just that!!
Pre-k Teacher, Amanda Marshall



  1. What a wonderful tribute to these male teachers. They're lucky to have co-workers like you.

    Rod McGough

  2. May be you expect Male Teacher in Primary School.But they are not Interested to do Primary School Job.Because of Low Salary. May be you are agree with me.

  3. I am currently working with preschoolers and going for my BA degree in Early Childhood Development, I am working on my final persuasive paper on the topic of, why having male teachers is beneficial to preschoolers' well-balanced development. This blog really helped me with my writing process, it is so nice to know that there are male teachers as dedicated as female teachers working with young children. Thanks. S2