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Sunday, December 23, 2012

A new take on the Elf on the Shelf

Life is all about having fun and "Playing". 
 I believe that you  are NEVER too old to stop playing! 

Our staff at Partners In Learning value play with the children in their classroom and I believe that it is my role as the director to keep that "play" alive for them.  One of the latest traditions that many families have established at Christmas is The Elf on the Shelf.  It's a fun story of an elf that watches the child and reports to Santa if they have been good or bad.  He hides everyday and the child has to find him.

This year, I decided to use the little elf "Alfie" to "play" with our staff.  Each day he would hide and be up to mischief of all sorts for our staff to find.  The teacher that found him each day received a prize.  The teachers really got into it and had a wonderful time.  The pictures below will tell some of the stories:

 Always Playing, Norma Honeycutt, Executive Director

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