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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Do you find that it’s hard to give up control when it comes to certain aspects of your life?  I used to come behind my children and straighten their poorly made beds until I finally gave up control, and they eventually became fairly proficient bed makers.  I have found, though, that I still struggle with relinquishing control over certain aesthetic aspects of my personal environment.

Look at the ribbon.  It's horizonal! It's vertical!
Case in point: I had help from the grandchildren with decorating the Christmas tree this year.  I’m very particular about how my tree looks.   I don’t exactly use a ruler to ensure that each ornament is precisely the same distance apart, but let’s just say that I’m pretty good at eyeing it.  So when the grandchildren swarmed the tree and little arms started flailing ornaments and ribbon about without ANY organizational plan, I experienced a few neurotic moments.
........and the ornaments were all clumped together
But, you know, they had a good time and were so pleased with their accomplishment, (though I did go behind them after they left for home and made a few adjustments
 Giving up control is a lifelong learning experience for some of us.   
Katherine Generaux, Community Inclusion Specialist

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