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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I attended our annual NCAEYC conference in Raleigh this past week. Like perusing the menu at a favorite restaurant, each year I eagerly scan the list of workshops and carefully make my selections. The description of the workshop Build It---And They Will Come pointed out the many learning opportunities derived from the age-old childhood activity of fort building. I was intrigued, so I decided to pursue the matter further and attend the workshop.

Building a blanket fort requires:

• Cooperation (if more than one person is involved in this activity)

• Planning

• Problem-solving

• Persistence

• Imagination

• Effective use of available resources

• A sense of pride and accomplishment in the outcome

I decided to take my concerns to my lab (home) and invite some test subjects (my grandchildren). The results of my small study showed that the art of fort building is, in fact, alive and well in the imagination of today’s young children. My conclusion: Go build a fort with a favorite youngster. You’ll have a blast!

Katherine Generaux, Community Inclusion

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