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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

More Alike Than Different

Ok, no pictures this time, I want you to use your imagination. So visualize this. I walked into a classroom the other day and there was a group of five children who are three years old. One is lying on the floor rolling around and laughing so hard he can hardly breathe. One child is sitting and clapping and pointing to himself saying "me", "me". The other three children are singing a random rendition of Happy Birthday and taking turns putting in each others names. All the children are laughing and having a GREAT time.

Now think about the children you visualized, what race are they? What sex? Were there any differences? Are they all typically developing children or did any have special needs? Most of you probably had a general visualization of five typical  children of whatever race you are. Actually, in this scenario there was a child who was black, a child who is mixed races and three children who were white, one girl and two boys one of which has Down syndrome.

All of the many differences among these five children yet they were all having a ball together and were more alike than different and didn't see color or ability but simply friends. We could learn from children.

Deborah K. Howell M.Ed., Assistant Director

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