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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


According to the Social Security Administration, the following were the most popular baby names in 2011.

Rank   Male name    Female name

1         Jacob               Sophia

2         Mason             Isabella

3         William             Emma

4         Jayde               Olivia

5        Noah                Ava

6        Michael            Emily

7        Ethan               Abigail

8        Alexander        Madison

9        Aiden               Mia

10      Daniel              Chloe

It’s interesting to note that four of the most popular boy’s names last year end in “n” and six of the most popular girl’s names end in “a”.

According to the same agency, the following names are rapidly gaining popularity and will probably be found on the preceding list in years to come:

Rank    Male name     Female name

1           Brantley             Briella

2           Iker                   Angelique

3           Maximiliano       Aria

4           Zaiden               Mila

5           Kamden            Elsie

6           Barrett              Nylah

7          Archer               Raelynn

8          Declan               Brynlee

9          Atticus               Olive

10        Nico                  June

The year I was born, the most popular names were: James, Robert, John, Linda Mary and Patricia. If you’d like to know the most popular names during the year you were born, go to:

Katherine Generaux, Community Inclusion Director

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