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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


One sporting event my entire family enjoys watching is the Kentucky Derby. We enjoy the 138-year-long tradition of the “run for the roses”, the background stories about the jockeys and the pageantry, but mostly what we love about the Kentucky Derby is watching those horses run.

We wagered a friendly family bet that whosevers horse finished first would have the first slice of the Derby pie I had baked earlier.

Some of us fell immediately in love with Hansen, the only white horse in the race, so we placed our hopes on him.

When the race started, everyone in our living room was on their feet, chanting for their choice to pull out in front. Hansen remained in the front group through the first three turns on the track. This made us so excited and LOUD that our Scottish terrier quietly retreated to the bedroom.

Then, out of nowhere, a horse named I’ll Have Another overtakes the leaders and finishes first.

We watched the replay and saw that I’ll Have Another started out of the gate in the back of the pack but steadily worked his way to the front.

“He was so far back. Why didn’t just give up?” asked four-year-old Peter.

“He probably wasn’t paying that much attention to the other horses, Peter. He was probably just running his own race.”

“Yeah”, I heard Peter say under his breath as he turned to watch another replay of the race.

Katherine Generaux, Community Inclusion Director

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