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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Years Resolution

We have a wonderful staff member battling cancer.  She has a care page that she uses to keep us all up to date on her fight for her life.  Today she posted the following and asks readers for their New Years resolution.  After reading her post, mine is to be grateful for my life and health.  
What is yours?

 WOW!!!!! What happened? I actually slept in this morning; I got up at 6:30. Chemo day, again, and YES! I am dreading it.  No matter how I try to keep telling myself it's all good, come morning my stomach gets in knots, my nerves go haywire, my stress level rises, I pace, I talk a lot and louder than normal, and I become a wreck from the process of today and the next few days. I have learned I can not compare it to any of the past treatments, because each one seems to be different. So I am taking a deep breath and find the numbing cream and do what I have to do.
Gary says that I give a whole new meaning to a chameleon because my skin changes colors all week, from pale, white, grey, green, peach, and my normal color RIGHT!!!! Today I guess I am pale from worry, it's all good!!!!
I have a few stubborn hairs on my head that simply refuse to fall out, but after today I think these stubborn hairs will fall out. The three things that I don't have to worry about are; shampoo, razors, and a hair brush, HA HA, but I have been using a lot of lotion.
Happy one year anniversary Heather and Drew, I can't believe it's been a year already, where has 2011 went, and speaking of years, New Years is just four days away and I have been thinking about my New Years resolution. Got the losing weight under-control, got a new hair dew under control, new wardrobe with my hats, I got the exercising down-pat with the sit up from my naps. I got the traveling under control I go to Winston once or twice a week. Meet new people, I do that once a week. Surround your self with family and friends, that's good. Laugh a lot, I am handling that, I GOT IT!!!!WORRY LESS!!!! THAT'S IT, when the NEW YEAR comes, I AM GOING TO WORRY LESS.  I am going to try and worry less, no I am going to think about worrying less, and then I will pretend to worry less. HA HA
So have you thought about your NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS? Would love to hear them.
Have a bless day - Love Ya All

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