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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


The recession has had an impact on almost every family in this county.  Rowan County has been hit especially hard during these past few years.  Many of us have lost jobs, homes and a way of life that we’ve known for decades. And now it’s Christmas, the most spending and materialistic time of the year.  I have spoken with many parents who worry about disappointing their children on Christmas Day.  Somehow, the amount of STUFF we buy for our children has become symbolic with how much we love our children.

I don’t remember much about the STUFF I received for Christmas.  I do remember my uncle Abe buying a large box of crayons for me because, as he explained, he was told that I like to draw.  I wouldn’t have remembered the gift, though, had it not been for the fact that Abe, a very busy young man, sat down next to me and drew pictures using my new box of perfect crayons.  That was truly the gift he gave me that Christmas.  He made me feel important.    
It snowed here in Rowan County last Christmas; a very rare event.  I don’t remember it though.   I was too busy trying to make Christmas perfect for everybody in my family.  The recession has hit my family too, so there won’t be as much STUFF under the Christmas tree.  I’m alright with this fact, because this year I will remember the lesson my uncle Abe taught me.    
Katherine Generaux, Community Inclusion Director

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