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Monday, July 6, 2015

It's Okay to Not Know, It's Not Okay to Not Try

I find this quote profoundly accurate, not only as an educator but as an adult. Just think, as growing children you always look to those who are older as seemingly wiser, more mature, and as a person who has their life completely figured out. Let's just face it, I'm 22, I just graduated college and I have absolutely no idea what comes next, other than finding a job, paying back my student loans and growing older by what seems the minute. Ask any child at the center how old I am and they will guess at least 30 and above. (Not saying that 30 is old in my eyes, but to them it is! Oh the days!)

But, back to the point - being older, and assumptiously wiser we should know everything, or so most children think. The best thing you can tell a questioning child when you don't have the answer is that you can find out together. In this day and age the world is at our fingertips and if you don't know, don't lie! Because it's okay to not know, but if you lie you aren't even trying to help them the best way you absolutely can.

This is also a great statement to tell your school agers when they are trying to solve a problem for themselves. They usually become frustrated and ask "can you help me?" or throw their hands up in despair saying "I can't do this!" This is a comforting statement to use by telling them that it is okay to not know how, you will help them - but they have to try. Most of the time, with effort they can solve the problem themselves!

Hopefully this offered you something to think about.

Until next Monday,
Sam Brown

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