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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Every child deserves to be loved especially when they don't seem to deserve it

So many times we may look at a child and say "wow that child is so bad!" or maybe we just shake our heads and say "mm, mm, mm". Well perhaps we should consider the possible causes of the child's behavior. Very often we can't tell just by looking at a child what the issues may be. We don't know if there are problems at home. We don't know if there have been changes that the child doesn't understand. We don't know if there are developmental delays that cause a child to act out. So what can we do to be a bright spot for that child? We know that it is difficult for families to tell us that something may be wrong at home. There may be problems between the parents, there may have been a death, there may be some kind of abuse either of the child or of substances. We should always let the child and the family know that we care about them. Let the child know that we are not mad at them. We can tell them that we don't like the choices or the behavior but that we love them. Ask them if everything is okay, what is wrong or bothering them. Help them to understand that we are there for them. A small hug or pat on the back. Reassuring words, a smile from across the room can let them know that they are cared for and may help them to act out less often.Offer help to the parents. Sometimes a parent may be at a loss for what to do, they may not know that there are resources available to them. We have to remember that we are there for the whole family. Remember to be patient. Remember we are there for the child, love them.

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