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Friday, January 23, 2015

Rainy Day or Evening Fun Family Time

What's better than snuggling with your kids, a blanket, and a bowl of snacks for a family movie night? On the next rainy evening, turn the family room into your own personal theater. Pick a movie the whole family will enjoy, settle in, and enjoy the show

Spend some quality family time together with a favorite board game. Maybe you will be buying and selling real estate in Monopoly or enjoying the  treats in Candy Land, or one of my favorites, LIFE.  Playing board games are a great way to spend a leisurely day at home.

As long as the kids are stuck indoors, why not spend the day together making a favorite family recipe? Make cooking fun with your "assistant chiefs" by assigning responsibilities. Not only will they feel important and useful, they'll also be proud of their delicious goodies. Plus, you get to sit down and enjoy the goodies together. 

Some times we forget the simple things are often the most fun. This is one indoor activity that is educational and fun! Reading with your child will improve reading skills and build excitement for books. Snuggle up in a blanket with a few favorite books and read together. Take turns reading, and if your child is a toddler have "read" the book from the pictures! I think you'll be amazed at their response. 

Since it looks like this weekend may be a little rainy and cool, try a few of these ideas. Have fun, and have a safe, warm, dry, weekend. 

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