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Monday, January 19, 2015

Hands on experiences

In the dolphin class we are always having valuable  teaching moments full of fun. Children are full of curiosity and what's a better way to learn then hands on experiences. This week we are exploring cold weather. Children learn and understand best when they are actively engaged, using their senses. What they can feel, smell, touch, taste and hear will help them to remember the materials better.

This child is learning "what happens to water when it freezes?"and "what happens to ice when it melts?"  What she is learning now will be stored into her memory and will be carried over to another learning experience.

Learning how to dress appropriately for the cold weather can also be a fun learning hands on experience. This is also an excellent fine motor activity to do with your children. Not only are they having fun but they are learning a skill that will help them in the future.

The children are exploring different types of arctic animals and balancing "ice glaciers" fun hand eye coordination skill

While reading to your children remember, it is alway important to ask your child lots of questions about what you are reading. Doing this will help with their critical thinking and will allow them the opportunity to share with you what they learned from their hands on experiences.

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