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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I thought I would treat my two young granddaughters with tickets to attend Catawba College’s Delphi Annual Princess Party. Activities including nail painting, cookie decorating and craft making. The two-year-old was up for it. She strutted into the event wearing her Rapunzel outfit and was ready to partake, and she became totally ensconced in the whole princess fantasy. In the car on the way to the party, however, the seven-year-old informs me that princess stuff is for babies. Really? I don’t think I even started thinking about wanting to be a princess until I watched the movie Snow White when I was six or seven. Now seven it too old for princess-play?

These kids are growing up too fast these days, and I don’t like it.

Note: Turns out the seven-year-old had a really good time, but please don’t tell anyone. I wouldn’t want her friends to think she wasn’t cool!

Katherine Generaux
Community Inclusion

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