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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


NC-Prek students at Partners In Learning are discovering that the world is not only big but also very interesting, and their teachers are nurturing their curiosity about diversity through meaningful explorations of different cultures.  This week several of our classrooms are celebrating Chinese New Year with activities that have captured the children’s interest and imagination.   Photos of the Great Wall of China are posted in block centers to inspire children to construct their own great walls.  In Ms. Lori’s class, children have learned to count to ten in Mandarin, while in Ms. Megan’s class, children are discovering the geography of our planet.  “Look!  China is on the other side of the world “, one child announced as he held up an inflated world globe.
Our curriculum is designed to spark an interest in and appreciation of cultural diversity.   It is our goal to build a strong foundation for our 21st century learners to take to their next educational experience in preparing students for a more global future.
Katherine Generaux
Community Inclusion

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