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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I guess you can imagine what happened the moment after this photo was taken. (The little one grabbed the slushy from the older child and mayhem ensued.)

“Use your words!”  This is a mantra I hear teachers using quite often as I travel throughout the county visiting childcare centers.  Toddlers and younger preschool children are the major offenders of the “use your words instead of your hitting, kicking or biting body to express yourself” rule.   This is because language skills for these very young children are just beginning to emerge.  I always encourage teachers and parents to model the words that the child might use and then ask the child to try it themselves.  Children learn quickly, (with reinforcement and reminders, of course), that words are powerful and highly effective instruments for obtaining what they desire in life-----------like a slushy!
Katherine Generaux, Community Inclusion

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