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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


You may or may not have heard some discussion about the efforts of our current educational systems to more toward a 21st century method of teachers. In order to remain internationally competitive, our next generation will need to possess the following qualities.

• Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

• Collaboration across Networks and Leading by Influence

• Agility and Adaptability

• Initiative and Entrepreneurialism

• Effective Oral and Written Communication

• Accessing and Analyzing Information

• Curiosity and Imagination.

Many people believe that 21st century learning will require a huge investment in cutting-edge technology. While technology will certainly play an important role in the education of our future leaders, I’d like you to consider what the children in this photo are learning. I see children who are developing problem solving skills, collaborating by exchanging information about their progress, reinforcing their ability to persist on a task while using their imaginations and critical thinking skills. All of this was accomplished with a string and an apple.

Katherine Generaux, Community Inclusiion

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