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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


The care given to the health of baby teeth can be directly related to overall lifetime oral health. Here are a few suggestions for taking care of those precious milk teeth:

• Make sure that milk and foods that are high in calcium are included in your child’s daily diet.

• Sugar will serve as a lifelong enemy for teeth. If you do include sugar in a young child’s diet, offer it during mealtime only, then brush after meals.

• Don’t put sugary drinks in bottles!

• Offer cheese or fruit for snacks

• Eliminate the pacifier as soon as possible. It can affect your child’s teeth, and it inhibits language development.

This is Ceci.  One month shy of her 7th birthday, she finally lost her first tooth.  She spent considerable time thoroughly cleaning her bedroom the day the tooth fell out, because she didn’t want the tooth fairy to think she is “a messy kid”.  The next morning, Ceci found fairy dust glitter scattered around her room and an undisclosed amount of money on her nightstand.
Katherine Generaux, Community Inclusion

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  1. Brushing regularly and maintaining a perfect oral health is considered a very good habit. This habit should be developed since childhood therefore, it is important to teach our kids how to perform good oral hygiene. Once you baby gets, its first tooth you can start brushing.

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