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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Did you happen to watch 60 minutes last Sunday? I did, and I learned about the new research conducted by the University of California Medical Center at San Francisco. Here are some of the results:

1. Sugar is as addictive as cocaine.

2. Sugar ignites the feel-good chemical called dopamine, and like cocaine, once your body gets used to receiving a certain daily quantity of sugar, it will crave larger and larger intakes to achieve the same feel-good effect from the dopamine.

3. Sugar may be as harmful to your heart as animal fat.

4. Sugar is NOT good for our brains, because it tampers with the outer lining of our brain cells.

5. Check your labels. Sugar is showing up everywhere these days.

6. Through evolution, we have the innate knowledge that anything containing fructose is not poisonous, so we are naturally attracted to things that taste sweet.

This is all bad news, especially with the Easter Bunny showing up in a few days!  I guess the best advice is moderation.  If you’re not good at moderation for things like, well chocolate for example, then you and I have something in common, and we should avoid sweet things altogether.  Good luck.
Katherine Generaux, Community Inclusion

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