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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Family Gardening

Starting a family garden is a wonderful way to provide healthy, fresh and organic food for your table.

Beginners Tips....Let's Start Digging
  • Start Small- It's not the time to grow every vegetable you've ever wanted to serve on your table! Start small, and expect to make mistakes and learn as you go.
  • Learn from the Experts- Talk with real people who have real-life gardening experience. Visit your local farmer's market and ask your friend with the green thumb to help you get started.

  •  Get Down and Dirty- Let your children spend hours digging in the soil, planting seeds, and catching worms. Teach them to water the plants and watch for bugs.

  •  Delegate Responsibility- Even the smallest member can help in the garden! Toddlers can rake dirt, pull weeds,  and dig holes for seeds. School aged children can help plan the garden, water plants daily, harvest plants etc.

  • Celebrate your Bounty- Celebrating the fruits of your labor is the tastiest part of having a family garden. If you have a lot, share with you family, friends or even the less fortunate.

The best part is that gardening provides a place for your family to work together and build lasting memories and develop an appreciation for natural resources. Madison, 5, and CJ, 2, are excited to come home everyday after school and water the plants! You should try it with your family!

Michelle Macon, Program Coordinator

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