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Monday, November 7, 2011

working on small motor skills

Fine motor skills are those skills that allow you to develop the ability to do such things as write and manipulate small objects. Try these simple activities to help your children along the way. 

- Painting. Try to alternate between large, stubby brushes and smaller, finer brushes. The smaller the brush is, the more control they need over their hands. Also try getting them to do some painting with cotton swabs. This affords some really fine work and allows them to develop their pincer grip; needed for learning to write.

- Puzzles. For younger children; start them off with large peg puzzles. Take advantage of natural moments like the one in the video.  Me and my daughter took my granddaughter to Cracker Barrel.  At only 16 months old, she was able to master the peg board and it entertained her while we waited for our meal.

- Playdough. Children will get some great fine motor skill exercise out of Playdough especially if you add some extra equipment such as rollers and cookie cutters. 

- Cutting. Bring out the scissors and some old magazines and let them get to work. Cutting requires a lot of coordination. For younger children who are just getting used to manipulating scissors, you can buy them without any metal. They can start by cutting playdough.

 Norma Honeycutt, Executive Director

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