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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I saw this photo a couple years ago. Rather than walking one flight of stairs, some patrons of this fitness center choose to take the escalator instead. Hilarious! Yet, as photojournalistic commentary, this picture makes a good point about the lifestyle most of us are living today. My grandparents certainly did not need a gym membership in order to participate in activities that burned calories at an intense rate, because they burned plenty of calories during the course of their day. Lacking today’s modern conveniences, and growing much of the food for the dinner table, my grandmother would have thought of a gym membership as frivolous and silly. Grocery stores, later replaced by supermarkets, did not offer large quantities of processed foods. Food choices were more limited, and meats and produce were foods of choice.

Like everyone, I have inherited the genetic predisposition of my biological relatives. While my predecessors burned far more calories every day and typically ate smaller portions and non-processed foods, I spend over 20 hours a week sitting at a desk and countless additional hours at home, sitting in front of my laptop. In addition, I am constantly seduced by commercials advertising the convenience of processed and fast foods that are supersized. Today’s chicken breasts arrive on my plate having been loaded with hormones to expedite maturity and increase size.

It’s no wonder that we are fatter today than our predecessors were a mere two generations ago.

Katherine Generaux, Community Inclusion Director

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