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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A MOTHER’S LOVE: Attachment and Social Development

Do you think the seven-month-old child in the photo above is already in the process of developing social skills? Actually, she is. At this stage in her development, Izabela has learned to form attachments to her primary caregivers. These attachments were formed through the literally thousands of interactions between mother and child; for each time Bella has had a need, demonstrated through fussing or crying, her mother or other caregivers have responded to alleviate the need or discomfort. Bella has learned to trust that her needs will be met, and from this trust, attachment has formed. Bella will rely on her ability to form attachments throughout her entire life.

A baby foal will find its balance, stand and begin to walk within hours of birth. Human beings are totally dependent on their caregivers for over a decade, and do not achieve full independance for almost two decades. It is an enormous responsibility to care for another human being. Our ability to interact socially and get along on our own in the world is greatly dependent on these early interactions.

Katherine Generaux , Community Inclusion Director and grandmother of Bella

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