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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pick and Choose Your Battles

As a parent you have probably heard the advice that you should "pick and choose your battles". Kids resist you; that is part of their growing up and becoming individuals, so how do you decide which resistances are okay and which are not?

First you have to understand the difference between picking your battle versus surrendering when it becomes a battle. If you set a rule, stick to it! The problem arises when you have a rule, and when your child resists it you give in. This is not picking your battle, this is surrendering, and the difference is huge. Once you set a rule, the decision is made. By allowing your child to break the rule, you are undermining your own authority.

An easier way to stay strong and stick to your rule is to give choices. Your children might complain of the choices they are given, but you are not backing yourself into a corner, or breaking your own rule by giving in. When picking your battles as a parent, choose wisely, and choose things that will impact them in the long run.

Cutting teeth and whining....I'm CHOOSING not to battle!

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