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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Don't Spend-REUSE! Cheap Toy Ideas

As a parent we often times spend lots of unnecessary money on toys for our children only to find that they enjoy playing with the box that the toy came in more! When my daughter was young she preferred a water bottle with popcorn kernels in it to shake than the expensive rattles she had. In this picture the child has an empty creamer carton. What could she possibly learn from this? When she opens and closes the lid and screws it on and off she is using her fine motor skills and gaining an understanding about cause and effect. Additionally she may have seen her parent pouring from a bottle and may imitate what she sees. 
This child is enjoying the visual stimulation from a clear juice bottle that is just her size that has shiny colorful items in it. Before you throw that empty bottle away or lid from the laundry detergent think of how much fun a young child could have with what you see as trash. Save yourself some money! After all one man's junk is another baby's treasure!

Deborah K. Howell, Assistant Director

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