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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Where Do You Want Your Dollars Going????

Today I had the unfortunate experience of sitting in a courtroom for most of the morning. Many of the defendants were young, under 30 would be my guess. There were numerous law violations being covered, things like Misdemeanor Child Abuse, Assault, Possession of Controlled Substance, traffic violations, just to name a few. Most of these cases were continued until another court date, which in my opinion is a waste of time and money. When a person knows they have broken the law not only should they be held accountable for their actions but should be held accountable to seek counsel in a timely manner as to not waste the courts time.

While watching all of this taking place I couldn't help but think to myself..."I wonder if any of these defendants were enrolled in a quality early childhood program?" If so would the outcome of their lives and choices have been different? I don't have the answer but ask that the question be pondered.... Where would you rather have your hard earned tax dollars go????

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