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Sunday, March 22, 2015

United Way Day of Caring

We have a new playground object for the children to explore and read in. Thanks to the kind people who help with the United Way Day of Caring Project. We are so thankful for this new addition for our children, and teachers!

When you first look at it, you will think to your self, and maybe even say out loud, What is that? and What is it for?'s the vision of Mrs. Norma. As many of you know, her visions usually happen, sooner or later. This one sooner. When you realize what it is and how it is to be used, you will probably ask yourself, How is that going to happen? To that I would like to say the following,
We have the greatest team of teachers! Is it going to be easy, by all means no! Will it be able to be used for Mrs. Norma's vision, absolutely! 

It will take some time, trial and error, and most of all, patience! You see, what we have is a TeePee!! Not your ordinary TeePee, but a TeePee used for reading and relaxing. On the playground?  Yes, on the playground. Believe it or not children need to take a break from all the fun of the playground, every now and then. 
This is not just an ordinary TeePee, ours has a trampoline inside!! Now I bet you're really asking yourself  at lot of guestions. You see a trampoline can be a very soothing and relaxing place. It provides a soft place to sit or even stretch out on. There is just enough motion inside to be soothing and calming. It also provides shade and a quiet place to read books! 
Now for the biggest question of all...Aren't the children going to jump on the trampoline? Well of course they will want to, wouldn't you? I know I do. That's where our team of awesome teachers come in. They will talk with the children before, during, and after their first experience in the  TeePee, (not sure that's the name, I just made that up). The teachers will explain what the TeePee is to be used for. And go over the rules. Yes, rules. Just as we have rules for the indoor environment, we have rules for the outdoor environment. Will it happen the first time, most likely not. This is where constancy comes in. This is where setting a good example comes in as well.  I would like to invite all the parents to come and enjoy the TeePee as well.  
Once again we would like to thank all the caring people who donated materials and time to help Mrs. Norma's vision come true. 

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