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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sensory Bottles!

I love finding new ideas for home made toys and activities! One great idea is sensory bottles!

It's cheap, easy to make, and kids love them!

Why are they called sensory bottles? The contents of the bottles stimulate your child's senses. A bottle with rice and beads makes different sounds and stimulates auditory senses. A bottle with glitter or a "seek and find" bottle allows your child to use their visual senses.

You can put practically anything in theses bottles and it will be successful.

I recently made some of my own sensory bottles.

Made with water and baby oil. Added beads, pom-poms, glitter.
Coffee with beads; popcorn; cocoa puffs.

Aqua beads; sand with seashells.
So Save up your bottles, go shopping for supplies, and get to making some sensory bottles. Go to Dollar Tree, buy some baby oil, small toys, small craft objects, and crazy glue. *Remember to glue the lid on when you're finished creating the bottle.*

Your kids will love them!

Katie Zink, Infant-Toddler Family Specialist/P

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