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Thursday, April 11, 2013

"Pinch the Pepper" OT App

I am always on the lookout for amazing new educational apps to use on the iPad.

Dexteria is known for its occupational therapy based apps and they just released Dexteria Jr., which is definitely worth the $2.99.

This app works on developing preschool fine motor skills.

"Squish the Squash" works on improving fine motor coordination. I also require children to say "pop" when they squish them.

"Trace & Erase" helps to develop pre-writing skills. The child traces a line from the arrow to the star. Once all of the lines are traced, you then have to erase your lines. As the lines are erased, a live picture from your front-facing camera appears and finally snaps a pictures when the task is completed.

My favorite activity is "Pinch the Pepper," which allows children to practice pincer grip to improve crayon and eventually pencil grasp. Pincer grip is the motion between your index finger and thumb when you pick up a small object with those fingers, such as picking up a Cheerio.

Check this app out, it is worth it for your preschooler!

Katie Zink, ITFS/P

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